Perfect Authentic Me

Nicole Nyqvist

Chronic illness changes your life. Completely. What was so easy and so natural before is now no longer possible or takes considerable energy and effort in every area of your life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

In my personal journey and quest as to how chronic illness had come into my life at the age of 27, I discovered an answer I never could have imagined I would find.

Chronic illness is not the enemy, but here to help you heal. It helps you reconnect with your essence, your authenticity, so that you can live a fulfilled and beautiful life.

By working with the illness and not against it, you open up and start to release the blocks and fears that no longer serve you and keep you small. And you begin to embrace the true nature of who you are. Your perfect authentic self. From this place of inner acceptance you experience harmony, peace, joy and well-being. 

What people say

“Dear Nicole, 

I’m just feeling better about myself overall.
The word that’s coming up is more “valuable”. I’m kinder and nicer to myself. 
I’m making better choices most of the time just because I want to.

That is a good feeling.

I’m really grateful to you and want to thank you. Your work is a gift to the world. 

Blessings, Laura.”

L. S. Deter, Sales Director, USA

L. Nicklas, Liz Nicklas Coaching, USA

"Hi Nicole,
Thank you for your reading. I will say that your energy read around [the issue] was spot on. I think you will be shocked and thrilled to hear how you read that perfectly..

K. Harvey, UK

"This reading is indeed my truth Nicole and I thank you for presenting it to me in a gentle and loving way. You have a wonderful talent and have already changed my life. Thank you.

E. Thyne, Musician, Ireland

"The feedback and guidance Nicole gave me have been really useful for me in dealing with matters that concerned me. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole to anyone who wishes to gain more awareness and receive detailed personal guidance.