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How Being Nice Can Kill You [Podcast]

“Who gets ill and who doesn’t is not an accident” – dr. Gabor Maté Listen to this podcast ‘How Being Nice Can Kill You’ to discover which particular patterns are chronic illness prone and a major risk factor for disease, as well as capable of killing people. And 3 powerful steps that start to release these […]

How To Deal With Chronic Illness When Things Get Tough

  When your body feels like your enemy and when things get REALLY tough living with chronic illness, how can you possibly love your body ánd yourself? Whether you’re dealing with physical limitation or pain, or you’re having a hard time emotionally, this ‘magic ingredient’ allows you to experience love for yourself and your body, […]

Women Living With Chronic Illness: You Are All Born Superstars

It’s International Women’s Day. To all women across the world living with chronic illness, remember: We are all born superstars! You’re beautiful in your way ‘Cause God makes no mistakes You’re on the right track, baby  You were born this way Wise words from Lady Gaga (slightly adjusted)