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Women Living With Chronic Illness: You Are All Born Superstars

It’s International Women’s Day. To all women across the world living with chronic illness, remember: We are all born superstars! You’re beautiful in your way ‘Cause God makes no mistakes You’re on the right track, baby  You were born this way Wise words from Lady Gaga (slightly adjusted)

Being Selfish Is Healthy. (Especially When Living With Chronic Illness)

Here’s the thing about my mum. I love my mum. Dearly. And there’s also something I used to struggle with enormously in my relationship with her, as well as my dad for that matter. Little did I know how this would impact my health and that I would end up living with chronic illness. From […]

Stop Being A Warrior. How Fighting Chronic Illness Prevents Healing

Do you consider yourself a chronic illness warrior? Do you believe this is who you need to be in order to deal with chronic illness? “The fight against..” “The battle against..” “I am a warrior..” This is the kind of language I see and hear on a very regular basis from people who are dealing […]