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Category: Love and Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness = Lockdown.

  Lockdown will be a thing of the past. But not for people living with chronic illness. Relief You know, when Corona came to us last year, and when we had to go in lockdown, I started to feel relieved. Not because I was looking forward to a global pandemic, which we knew little about […]

3 Steps to Loving Your Body With Chronic Illness

Ever feel like your body is your enemy? Ever feel like chronic illness is your enemy? And do you end up hating both sometimes? If you do, you might want to consider a different ‘approach’. Instead of not liking your body, chronic illness or yourself in the process, you may want to give loving your […]

Epigenetics: The Science to Self-Healing Chronic Illness

  Spiritual teachers have been teaching us for thousands of years that the body and mind are connected. And that we are connected with the universe. Or rather, that the body and mind are one and that we are one with the universe. Now there is a new science that proves that we most certainly […]

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