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Chronic Illness = Lockdown.

  Lockdown will be a thing of the past. But not for people living with chronic illness. Relief You know, when Corona came to us last year, and when we had to go in lockdown, I started to feel relieved. Not because I was looking forward to a global pandemic, which we knew little about […]

Depression & Loneliness around Christmas with Chronic Illness [And What To Do]

Do you experience depression or stress around Christmas living with chronic illness? Here are two simple steps you can take that will transform and heal any pressure or emotions like loneliness, isolation, fear, frustration, anger, not feeling loved and more. Wishing you a self-loving and self-caring Holiday Season And make sure you leave a comment […]

How To Deal With Chronic Illness When Things Get Tough

  When your body feels like your enemy and when things get REALLY tough living with chronic illness, how can you possibly love your body ánd yourself? Whether you’re dealing with physical limitation or pain, or you’re having a hard time emotionally, this ‘magic ingredient’ allows you to experience love for yourself and your body, […]

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