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How To Deal With Chronic Illness and Depression

If you have dealt with or are dealing with depression because you are living with chronic illness, it may be of some comfort to know you’re not alone in this.

When you’re experiencing symptoms like chronic pain and fatigue it’s not unusual to experience depression at one point or another.

I have experienced plenty of depression over the years. And over a period of time I discovered something about depression that helped me cope and effectively deal with chronic illness and depression even in very hard times.


Busting Depression – A Spiritual Healing Perspective


It’s not hard to see how chronic illness and depression can go hand in hand. One can feed the other. Chronic pain and fatigue can be very faithful companions night and day. When you’ve survived one day, then the next day the cycle starts all over again.

This is mentally and physically very tiring.

But as understandable as the cycle of chronic illness and depression is, I want to reveal the discovery I made revealing the illusion that depression really is.

Chronic illness and depression can lead to some pretty nasty thoughts, which then cause and enhance the feelings of ‘being’ ill and feeling depressed even further.

However, these thoughts could not be further from the truth that your authentic self knows to be true about you.

‘This is hopeless’ or ‘my life is meaningless as I do nothing all day but sleep, because I feel so tired’ are thoughts that suck the life energy out of anyone. And the reason they do is because your authentic self witnesses these thoughts and disagrees wholeheartedly.

The reason you feel so bad, is because this kind of thinking is out of alignment with your authentic self, your true nature, and the love that is you.

The negative thoughts that accompany chronic illness and depression are a reaction to what seems to be happening. It is an emotional reaction to the story your ego, the mind, creates around what is happening.

However, your authentic self has a far wider, wiser and more loving perspective on the whole situation.


How To Ease Depression


By becoming aware of your authentic self- your connection with your authentic self-  you can listen and feel the love and purpose your authentic self feels for you.

Your life is not hopeless. Your life has great meaning. Even with chronic illness. And I’m not saying this to sugar-coat things and to undermine what you feel or what you are going through.

I’m not talking about suppressing what you feel. You are allowed to feel what you feel. It’s okay what you feel.

It’s about becoming aware of what is happening in the moment. And distinguishing the lies your ego is trying to convince you to be true about you and the situation, and the gentle truth your authentic self knows is true about you and your situation.

Hint: this is always loving, calming and peaceful.

Your authentic self loves you for who you are and is present with you always. It is who you truly are. Your authentic self shows you the way and knows the truth even in the most dire situations.

You are not the pain. You are not the depression. You are not the illness.

You are pure essence and a present to this world.

When you’re willing to listen to and connect with your authentic self you will hear it’s truth. In each moment that you do, you detach from the illness and depression you believe to be real.

You are in fact not fighting against, but working with the illness and depression, which is what creates healing.

Every time you are aware you break the vicious cycle. And this allows new energy to enter into your body and into your life.

Chronic illness and depression are temporary. But your authentic self is infinite.

Are you suffering or have you suffered from depression? What has helped or is helping you? Leave your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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