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3 Steps to Loving Your Body With Chronic Illness

Ever feel like your body is your enemy? Ever feel like chronic illness is your enemy? And do you end up hating both sometimes? If you do, you might want to consider a different ‘approach’. Instead of not liking your body, chronic illness or yourself in the process, you may want to give loving your body, chronic illness and yourself a go. Because love has been scientifically proven to be a vital ingredient for healing. 


3 Steps How to Love your Body, Chronic Illness and Yourself

When your body hurts or feels fatigued and prevents you from doing what you would love to do, it can be tough. You may feel that your body is letting you down. You may feel ashamed when certain body parts start to show deformation. You may feel upset and frustrated when you can’t join in the fun and social activities as much anymore.

As understandable as these emotional reactions are, these reactions function like a kind of attack on the cells of your body and on yourself. You’re at odds with life and you’re fighting. But when you’re in fighting mode there is no room for healing. The body can only do one of them at a time.

The following 3 steps allow you to shift your body into healing mode: 


step 1: Acceptance

The first and foremost step is accepting what is. Accepting your body. Accepting yourself and the situation in which you find yourself in this moment in time. What happens is that struggle no longer continues and peace ascends. Result? Love is present. Within you, your cells and your entire body.

Practising loving your body and yourself is always about realising that who you are and how your body is, is enough. There is nothing else you need to do or be, and your body is perfect as it is right this very moment.

Your ego will disagree. Things must be different. Your body must be different. You must be different. Better than this at least. And your ego believes in order to get what it wants it needs to fight and resist what is.

Acceptance is the gateway to opening up to love.


2. Appreciation

Chronic illness can indeed seem like your enemy. And from a solely human perspective it certainly feels that way sometimes! But from a spiritual perspective, when you allow yourself to look more deeply, you will see that chronic illness allows you to practise accepting yourself and your body. Embracing the deeper truth of who you are and the knowing that who you are, as you are, is enough.


If you thank your symptoms, they will heal 

– Matt Kahn


So many people have busy schedules and keep themselves busy with plenty of trivial things. Doing jobs they don’t like, seeing people they don’t like. The number of people experiencing burn-out and chronic illness is increasing.  Very little time is actually spent on being present with what is happening emotionally and internally. Instead there is a lot of running around and doing.

Chronic illness slows you down and gives you the opportunity to connect with your authentic self and to love yourself and your body just as you are. A beautiful lesson.

In this sense, chronic illness is a gift. A loving portal to release any false ideas about who you think you need to be and embrace your true self.


3. Love

Love heals. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. And it’s also true scientifically speaking. Apart from good nutrition, exercise, clean air and water, love also feeds the cells in the body.

Just as the outer environment is important for healing, so is the inner environment. Cells thrive on love. Love allows to regenerate healthy cells and be stronger and more vital. There are plenty of researches that show the healing power that love is and I encourage you to read some. It will inspire you, as you will feel the truth of these stories.

I also invite you to practise speaking with love to yourself and your body. You can do this during a meditation for instance when you feel more quiet and connected. And listen and feel how your body responds.

It may happen that these loving message feel untrue to you. That’s OK. Allow this, do not push it away. Accept that it’s there. And allow yourself to be more open to love. Ask for guidance and surrender to the knowing this is happening when the time is right.



When you practise these 3 steps of acceptance, appreciation and love, you allow in the love and healing that is already present and you will love yourself and your body more and more.

Perfection isn’t needed. Simply that little bit of loving attention every day. That’s true love. That’s healing.

How are you loving your body and yourself? What practices do you use? Share your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!



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