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5 Simple Steps to Purposefully Creating Joy in Your Life Despite Chronic Illness


Now there’s a thing when you’re dealing with a chronic illness, right?

Chronic illness can sometimes be very difficult, very overwhelming and very consuming that there seems very little to be joyful about.

I could feel so incredibly pissed off when other people were enjoying themselves or told me about things they did they enjoyed so much. Oh how I used to find that so difficult.

And oh how I used to feel like such a victim.

Yes, that can be tough to hear, but I am telling you this as it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have learned that joy starts with giving yourself permission to experience it.

I have learned that joy starts with a decision.

I have learned that despite chronic illness joy can be experienced.

Joy is about allowing yourself to connect with the things that bring you joy. Because, it’s one thing to sometimes feel pissed off or hurt about your situation, it’s another to stay in that mindset.

The ego can play very strong tricks on you where you feel the world should accommodate you and feel sorry for you. (recognise that?) But this only keeps you small and under the thumb the of identity of the illness. An identity your ego has come to be believe to be true about you.

I say this often and I will keep saying it: you are not the illness. It is not who you are.

It is something you are experiencing. That is a big difference.

Stay aware and do not let your ego fool you.

When you connect with what brings you joy you’ve automatically and immediately stepped out of this false identification. You are experiencing joy. Bliss. Laughter. Harmony. The now.

You are experiencing the beautiful essence of you.

Your authentic self, your spirit, is pure joy. So when you connect with the things that you enjoy, you connect with your essence. You feel this. You know this to be true, because it feels like home. It feels like a really good place to be.

And this is always a sign you’re in the right place.

So the 5 simple steps to purposefully create a joyful life are:

  • Ask yourself: What it is that I really enjoy? What is it that really brings me joy and pleasure?
  • Write this down.
  • Create a (small) moodboard/vision board of it.
  • Think of one (small) step you can take to realise this.
  • Take that (small) step. However small it doesn’t matter. The point here is this:

First: you allow yourself joy. You allow yourself access to joy.

Two: you focus on joy instead of the illness.

Three: you’re taking action towards what you enjoy.

These steps, however small these may seem change your reality. You’re purposefully creating a life you enjoy, exactly the way you like. And these steps shift your mindset ánd the energy in your body. Directing your energy and your focus on what you want.

You will feel more alive, experience more self-confidence and feel empowered. You’re breaking free from the label of ‘chronic illness’.

You are not the illness. You are way more than that. And you can allow yourself to experience joy right now by taking these 5 steps. And the more you do the more it will become the norm instead of an exception.

Let me know below what brings you joy and what step(s) you are going to take. I would love to hear from you.

p.s. my step to create joy today: I’m going outside to enjoy this lovely weather 😉

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