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Are You Prone To Chronic Illness? Find Out Here

Can anyone be prone to chronic illness? The answer is very simply yes. But… I’m not talking about DNA or heredity. Nor does that mean by the way you can’t experience healing in your life. On the contrary.

There is one very simple explanation why anyone can be prone to chronic illness. And it is still a reason which is known to very few people.. Once you know what it is, a lot in your life is going to make sense and will open you up to new possibilities of healing.

Many medically trained people do not know the reason, and once they do know they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know how to integrate it into an approach that is healing and nurturing for the person they are treating.

This for the simple reason that in the current medical model a person (a body) is seen and treated as a machine. Seen and treated as parts.

A person is not seen as a system: an organic and holistic system. And the reason why someone is prone to a chronic illness is part of the holistic system and does not fit in the awareness of the current medical approach. 

And the reason is this..

According to dr. Gabor Maté, physician, public speaker and award-winning author, you and I have a specific and natural need. And that is the need for authenticity. 

Showing your authenticity is vitally important to create and sustain healing and well-being in your life. Even to the point that it can reverse chronic illness. 

Decades of research has shown the connection between the expression of the self and the effect on the physiology of the body.

To the point that when it doesn’t happen – over a long period of time- chronic stress builds up and starts being expressed through the body in the form of a chronic illness.

In other words, the suppression of yourself makes you prone to chronic illness. And if you already experience chronic illness, this has made you prone to it.

But if being authentic and showing yourself as you are, are healthy for you, how come a lot of people don’t do this and is this is easier said than done?

Again, this is very easily explained by dr. Gabor Maté as well.

When you and I were babies and children and our authenticity threatened our attachment to our parents or caregivers we automatically suppressed it. Because, attachment means survival.

This is an innate need that ensures every baby, child and adult survives.

Attachment is what you and I need. It is essential to our survival and also joy.

However, our second essential need is authenticity. It is as natural as the need for attachment.

It’s fine, and it makes total sense, to sustain from expressing your authentic self when for instance there is a robber in the bank you’re visiting.

This is a great moment to not be authentic and tell that person how pissed off you feel because he or she is robbing the bank and putting other people in danger.

This means survival.

The problem occurs when you keep suppressing yourself.

Now, why and when does that happen?

Suppression of your authenticity comes from experiences from your past, mostly childhood and infancy, in which you were afraid to show your authenticity out of fear of losing attachment to someone very close to you. You created the belief that by being yourself threatened your survival and wasn’t safe.

And this memory is still in your system and being acted out many years later. And this is what creates chronic stress in the body, and eventually chronic illness.

Recognise any of the following examples in your (young) life?

  • you keep quiet when you want to speak up.
  • You behave differently to fit in so that people like you.
  • You’re doing what others want you or expect you to do even when you don’t want to.

These are just some examples and these go against who you really are. You’re denying your authenticity out of fear of not surviving.

You’re not to blame for that. These beliefs were created without your awareness as an infant or child. And fortunately now as an adult you can create the awareness to create the transformations that allow you to express your authentic self.

When you trace memories and behaviours back to their origin, you can release the beliefs that keep you from expressing your authenticity and release the chronic stress in your body. Healing and well-being are the natural effects you will experience.

Where do you recognise suppressing yourself? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you!


  • Wow, this really resonates with me. I struggle with showing my authentic self nearly everyday. I definitely recognize the the people-pleaser in me was born a long time ago, and it still plays out today. I feel that I am my most authentic self when I’m alone or with my husband, so every other encounter means that i am “putting on a performance.” It’s very draining and demoralizing. I have fantasies of moving to Iceland or some place secluded where I can be myself.

  • Hi Pattie, thank you for sharing where you experience suppressing your authentic self, and I am glad this article resonated with you. ‘Putting on performances’ can definitely feel draining and demoralising. It is your true self, your soul, your inner being (whatever you feel comfortable with calling it) that feels restricted in expressing its true nature. You are not alone in this at all. Most of us have been taught to survive in this way. I am glad to read you can be your most authentic self when you are alone (many people can’t), as well as with your husband. That is wonderful. The beautiful things is that you can learn to release more and more of the ‘performing’ and feel more and more comfortable being your authentic self in most situations and with most people.

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