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Do you suffer from 'miracle healing overwhelm'? 

Do you suffer from ‘miracle healing overwhelm’? 

Miracle healing overwhelm happens when you are inspired by what are known as miracle healing stories: people who have cured themselves (quickly) from a chronic illness. And you’ve tried these various methods that are recommended so you can experience the same.

But after a (long or very long) while you’re not experiencing the healing miracle you were inspired by and start to feel disillusioned. You start forcing yourself to find THE answer, THE solution, to experience healing yourself. Quickly.

Or you lose faith and trust in hardly any method that’s out there and healing stories start to annoy you.

Your life is practically consumed by miracle overwhelm and its all you’re pretty much thinking about.

It can be heart breaking.

No. Correction.

It can be fucking heart breaking.

Particularly if you’ve applied loads of different healing methods before. From alternative therapies to conventional treatments. And the results haven’t changed all that much.

You feel at a loss and don’t know which direction to take anymore or what to do next. Eager and desperate for a miracle to finally come your way.

What do you do?

Sometimes, instead of proactively looking and trying one method to the next, time-out is the better option. To give yourself a rest and allow new answers and insights to come to you in their own time.

Taking a break can go against this fast moving world that we live in where stories of instant healing miracles can be found pretty much anywhere on the internet. And this naturally wakes up the desire inside of you to experience the same.

But despite the hope and inspiration it can provide you, you can only be where you are personally. That means, working with and being your own body and mind.

It reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare. Remember that story?

It is where the two engage in a race. The hare feels confident that with its natural speed it will easily win the race from the tortoise. The hare is so confident in fact that during the race he thinks he can afford to take a nap and still win. By the time he wakes up he realises the tortoise has passed him and its too late to catch up with the tortoise. And the tortoise wins.

My point is that the tortoise does not have the body (or mind) of the hare. It cannot run as fast as the hare and it knows it. So the tortoise focuses on his own natural capabilities and works with these capabilities. It does not in any way try to copy or be like the hare.

Slowly, but surely, the tortoise walks towards the finish line. In its own pace.

In this world of quick fixes and quick ‘any things’ where its easy to compare and feel confronted, especially through social media, what’s important is the ability to focus on your own capabilities and walk towards any given ‘finish’ line at your own pace.

Forget about the hare. Or any other tortoises for that matter.

There is only one you. Unique. With your body and your mind.

So walk your walk.

Sure, try-out and apply healing methods that appeal to you when this feels right. But sometimes when you just don’t know, you can take a break from actively looking for and forcing to find answers. 

And instead of a ‘race’, have a rest.

Do you experience healing overwhelm? Share below. I’d love to hear from you!

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