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Epigenetics: The Science to Self-Healing Chronic Illness


Spiritual teachers have been teaching us for thousands of years that the body and mind are connected. And that we are connected with the universe. Or rather, that the body and mind are one and that we are one with the universe.

Now there is a new science that proves that we most certainly are, and that we are much more than the physical bodies we predominantly perceive to be.

This new science? Epigenetics

Actually, epigenetics is not that new. It’s first been written about some decades ago, but as this is hardly covered by mainstream media or talked about by medical specialists it may sound new.


So how is epigenetics, or epigenetic control, related to chronic illness and our potential for self-healing and well-being?


The information I’m about to share with you comes from Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, who has made it his life’s work to bring this science to our awareness.

Epigenetics shows how genes really work, how proteins behave and how these greatly affect our well-being.


The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. – dr Bruce Lipton



To start with, you and I are made out of protein. When the protein receives a signal it moves and creates behaviour. This means that if you’re healthy, this behaviour is ‘good’. If you experience dis-ease, the behaviour is ‘not so good’.

When disease is experienced it means that either the protein is bad or the signal to the protein is bad.

People who have bad proteins get them from birth defects and are born with defective genes, which affects less than 5% of the people. This means that the other 95% of people should have a healthy and happy existence.

So, if you were born healthy and got chronic illness later on in life, than the signal to the protein causes the problem and not the genes.*

The signal is also known as the field or energy. This energy is a vital healing force and the energy in your body controls the protein.


3 ways the signal to protein can be interfered with


1. Trauma. You may fall and hurt your back for instance. This then hinders the signal.

2. Toxins. If the chemistry is not good inside the body, the signal cannot be passed through bad chemicals.

3. Thought or the mind. In this case there is nothing wrong with the body. It is just that the wrong signal is sent at the wrong time.

The mind is actually the primary cause of illness on our planet today, which means that if you change your mind – the way you perceive yourself, your body and the world around you – you can influence the biology of the body. And very importantly, play an active part in your healing process.

Perception or belief gives the signal to the protein and causes behaviour, which results in either dis-ease or ease. Illness or health.

However, 95% or more of our behaviour is subconscious. If you’re not aware of what you believe you can keep creating unhappiness and illness in your life without knowing it.


DNA does not determine chronic illness


Epigenetics shows that DNA does not determine chronic illness**. Epigenetics also shows how practising self-acceptance and self-love change the signal and creates more healing and well-being in your life.

‘Epi’ in epigenetics means ‘above’. Epigenetic control literally means ‘control above the genes’.

This refers to the old science in medical school called ‘genetic control’, which is based on Isaac Newton’s belief that the mind is separated from the body.

In this model the body is viewed as a kind of chemical machine that is controlled by genes. That means that in this model people are generally born lucky or not.

However, epigenetics show us what is known to be true at this moment about how a gene really works. A gene is a blueprint and a blueprint cannot be switched on or off.

If the required protein is not in a cell to become healthy again, you need the gene. You need the blueprint.


How a healthy cell is created


Imagine your bare arm is your DNA and in it is written a code for blue eyes. You can read this, because you can see your bare arm with your eyes. But, inside the cell it cannot be read as it is covered with a ‘sleeve’ of protein.

In order to read the blueprint you have to first remove the sleeve, i.e. the protein. What causes the protein to move and change shape is the signal!

The blueprint (or a copy) is then being used to make the appropriate protein. The question therefore is whether you are reading the blueprint or not. The gene does not make that decision.

Epigenetics shows that we control the genes. The genes do not control us. We make the decisions.

Well-being and self-healing are created from the inside out determined by the signal, which is primarily our beliefs.

Practising self-acceptance and self-love are important in the self-healing process of chronic illness, as these are signals that can have a positive effect on our personal biology.

When we change the signal we can experience more healing and well-being in our lives.

How has this information informed you the most in terms of your own healing journey? Please share your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


* I’ve understood that you can perhaps also get ill later on in life due to a defective gene that affects less than 5% of people.

** In most cases. See *.

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