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Healing Meditation for Body & Mind During Coronavirus (Live Stream)

This meditation guides you in releasing any fear you may have and experience deep inner peace, faith, compassion and healing. I can strongly recommend doing this mediation when you’re feeling very stressed or anxious.

This meditation will help you create healing and peace for body and mind during these challenging times.

I’ll be guiding you to move through any fear or concerns you may have by acknowledging and bringing light into how you feel, instead of denying or pushing away what you feel.

This way, you can release fear and find peace, faith, compassion and healing, which is already within you.

When you (re)connect with your natural state of well-being, when you (re)connect with your authentic self, where your true home is, you are safe and all is well.

Experience more peace, harmony, tranquility and well-being for your body and mind.

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To your perfect authentic self,


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