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How To Trust Your Body When Experiencing A Chronic Illness

When you’re dealing with a chronic illness it can feel like your body has abandoned you and isn’t your own anymore. For how can your own body produce such an amount of pain or fatigue or disability? How can you ever trust your body again, if you’ve ever trusted your body before at all?

Your own body can feel like your personal enemy with a chronic illness and the connection you felt with your body may disappear altogether. You can lose complete faith in your body and its ability for healing.

And this is understandable and actually very easily explained for 2 simple reasons.

First of all, the feeling of disconnection is caused by the idea that it seems as if your body is entirely running its own course and you have no say in the matter. You’re observing everything that is happening like a helpless bystander, subject to the different ‘moods’ of your body feeling unable to do anything about it.

It can feel as if your body is doing anything but helping you heal the chronic illness.

Second of all, the idea that you are separate from your body and your body is not your own has been programmed into the mind from the early beginnings.

Most of us have been taught that when we feel ill, we see a doctor and that the man or woman in the white coat will ‘fix’ us.

As too, the medical and pharmaceutical world generally enforces this idea of disconnection, as it is focused on treating the body and the symptoms of the chronic illness. You, however, the innkeeper, the inhabitant of your body, seems to have nothing to do with your body.

How you are as a person is, as an individual, is rarely taken into account when treatment is suggested.

This increases, and has increased over the years, the belief that you are separate from your own body. So, it’s no wonder you can experience this disconnection from your body and experience little faith in your own body. It is something that isn’t being taught generally speaking.

This is unfortunate to say the least. Or truthfully, it’s very damaging , as it is widely known that it is exactly the inclusion of this natural connection that plays a major role in the healing process of a chronic illness and the well-being of the body and the individual as a whole.

But the good news is in order to experience healing and help your body you can actually play a very active role. The programmed idea of disconnection is a myth and in order to (re)connect with and trust your own body, starts by being willing to open up to suggestions that enhance the natural well-being of your body and yourself:

You are connected to your body. Your body is connected to you. Your body always expresses to you what it needs and where there is unbalance. This is in order to help you. Your body listens to you and is eager to work with you all the time. It is working with you now. Your body wants nothing but the best for you.  

Yes, your body may be in need of medical attention. I am not saying to ignore that. At the same time, this is an opportunity for you to learn from the infinite wisdom of your body by connecting with your body. For your body is on your side and is doing everything to help you.

When you open up to your body you can start trusting your body again and be guided to what it needs the most in terms of healing for you. It all starts with willing..

How connected do you feel with your body? Please share your comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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