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Stop Being A Warrior. How Fighting Chronic Illness Prevents Healing

Do you consider yourself a chronic illness warrior? Do you believe this is who you need to be in order to deal with chronic illness?

“The fight against..”
“The battle against..”
“I am a warrior..”

This is the kind of language I see and hear on a very regular basis from people who are dealing with chronic illness. It’s also the kind of language I often see and hear within many organisations or charity groups.

I get it. I understand why this language is being used. It seems the thing to do, right? To fight against the illness? To be a warrior?

Cue swords, dragons and elves!

Most of us love a good warrior story in which the hero fights and overcomes.

Yet, when you´re dealing with chronic illness this is a misconception that actually creates more ill-being instead of more well-being.

Fighting and battling illness, or anything for that matter, only creates resistance, and more of what you do NOT want.


Because this is your focus. This is what you focus your energy on. And what you focus on increases. Even though you may think you´re doing the ´right´ thing by resisting.

Healing doesn’t come from fighting. Healing comes from releasing fighting and resistance. Only by releasing fighting and resistance do you create space for new energy to come in. For healing to come in.

Whenever I notice resistance I often remind myself of the following wise words Eckhart Tolle once said:

¨Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it¨

It’s a subtle difference, yet creates a massive shift in your consciousness, including your body.

It seems insane to the mind, as it believes by doing so, by accepting chronic illness in your life, it´s surrendering to the ´enemy´ and it will lose.

Yet, the opposite is true.

You don´t have to deal with chronic illness by being a warrior. In fact, it only makes matters worse by holding on and bottling up more negative energy. And you miss out on great opportunities to heal.

You best deal with chronic illness by being in a state of acceptance, i.e. love. Towards the illness, your body and yourself.

When you do, you realise and experience that you don´t ´lose´ and that chronic illness is not the enemy, but a teacher to help you heal. And if you don´t listen you´ll miss it´s healing message for you.

Most people are not aware of this and believe they have to fight the chronic illness they are living with. And that´s understandable, as this is what most of us are taught to do.

But I like to advise you to open your mind and ask yourself if that kind of thinking (still) serves you and your body? Or if allowing and accepting aids in your healing process instead?

Let go of the idea you have to fight. You don’t have to fight. You don´t have to be a warrior.
Healing is experienced when you allow and accept yourself with chronic illness. As crazy as that may seem.

What are you fighting against and finding hard to accept dealing with chronic illness? Leave your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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