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1 Powerful Tip For Creating Breakthrough Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

When you’re looking to experience healing for rheumatoid arthritis and it’s not happening or you don’t like the progress you’re making, you’re struggling. You can get upset, frustrated or sad.

This then can bring you into even deeper feelings of distress. And so the spiral goes down and now you’re way off your healing mark.

Resisting RA is only a ‘natural’ human reaction. After all, who likes the pain and the challenges rheumatoid arthritis can bring to your daily life?

The resistance to RA- to what is happening to you now, to what has happened in your past and how your life has changed since perhaps many years- can build up tremendously. It can be huge.

But, it is exactly this resistance that keeps you from creating and experiencing healing. So, how to break through and be in an upward spiral?

I’ve experienced resistance plenty of times. And I know that being resistant is not going to bring me healing. Not even close.

You can’t feel a huge amount of resistance and experience peace, joy and well-being in your life. It doesn’t go together. You can’t be in both states at the same time. It’s either one or the other.

The only way to experience healing,  to release suffering and relieve the pain in your life is by stopping resisting. By breaking through the resistance that you’re feeling now towards rheumatoid arthritis.

And 1 powerful tip is to ask the question: what would happen if you stopped resisting RA? What would happen? Really ask yourself that question.

‘What would happen if I stopped resisting rheumatoid arthritis?’

Go into that space. Allow the answer within you to come into your awareness. Write it down if this helps. And keep asking when you feel your mind wants to stop the process.

I can tell you what will happen when you stop resisting rheumatoid arthritis.

Fundamentally, when you release the resistance you get to the source of the pain that is in need of healing. When you get to the source, you can open up to the healing that this particular pain needs.

You create space for healing to transform your pain.

The key is to give up the resistance and to give up fighting rheumatoid arthritis. Fighting how it is, how it has been of how you think your live will be in the future with RA. That is only a projection.

This question leads you to experiencing deep healing every single time.

Because when you get to the source of your pain, you realise that everything in you, your authentic self, has been asking you to get to what is really happening for you, so you can release what no longer serves you.

Every unbalance, every upset, every confusion is always about bringing you back in harmony with life. In harmony with love. In harmony with YOU.

So you can be and express your truest self. As you are. As you are meant to be.

So, keep asking yourself where you may be resisting rheumatoid arthritis, because resistance is the first clue that leads you to healing.

What pain underneath the resistance have you discovered is in need of healing? Please share your comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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