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1 Sure Way To End Suffering Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Despite the many years of practising and experiencing conscious healing for rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience occasions when your advanced practise goes right out of the window in a flash!

Instead of feeling connected, calm and peaceful, you feel pain. Anger. Resentment. And fear.

All these states of being are natural.

Because these are merely signs that are designed to help us understand when something is off balance. We are then asked to become aware and to come back ‘home’.

That place deep within where it’s still, calm and full of love.

It is only when we stay in these states that are off balance that we experience, and create, increasing amount of suffering.

Suffering never comes from the original pain itself.

Once we discover we are off balance, we as students of conscious healing for rheumatoid arthritis, tend to ‘know’ what to do:

We quickly need to be in a state of peace again and then ‘all will be fine’.

The intention is understandable and being in a state of peace a natural one, yet we can sometimes tend to force this new desired state, because we no longer want to feel this discomfort and pain any longer. It can frightens us to feel this way.

But when we force things and are not honest with ourselves, what tends to happen is instead of creating a healing environment, we are increasing the resistance to this undesired state of being.

Hence this state gets stronger and we create a bigger gap to healing.

Forcing (and pretending)to be in a state of peace does not work.

The only thing that brings us in a state of peace again, the state of healing, is by accepting the state of non-peace we find ourselves in that moment.

You can only ‘go and find’ something new, in other words create something new, by starting from where you are right now.

Accept you’re in a state of non-peace.

Go into this feeling. Go into the pain. Allow it. And hold it.

Accept that this feeling is here.

By accepting the state of non-peace, you release your resistance to it.

That’s when you create peace. That is how you create healing. And that’s how you release suffering.

Eckhart Tolle expresses it even more beautifully and says when you find yourself in a state of non-peace is to forgive yourself for not feeling peaceful.

This automatically releases the resistance to peace and brings you in a state of peace.

These inner conscious healing practices are so vital when dealing with rheumatoid arthritis.

First of all, because whatever resistance comes up because of rheumatoid arthritis in daily life, these healing practises release the suffering of staying stuck in resistance.

Secondly, outer conflict relates to inner conflict.

And inner conflict creates stress and damage to the body. Certainly when it is long-held inner conflict.

And this is why we want to break through and release ourselves from these painful patterns.

Because this is how we can help our bodies restore and rejuvenate and create new space for the flow of energy, the flow of life, to flow through and in us once again.

So, even though we may have practised conscious healing a lot, we can still be taken off guard sometimes.

This is okay. It is our human experience.

What’s important is to keep practising being aware, and listen to what is happening within. And to be honest about it to ourselves.

Only when we accept what is can we create the healing that is desired.

What is it you are resisting at the moment or for a long time? What are you holding onto that is creating suffering? Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!

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