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7 Powerful Questions That Help Reveal Rheumatoid Arthritis’ Message For Deep Healing

It is clear through the many researches that have been conducted that any health condition like rheumatoid arthritis has a reason for being present in someone’s life. And this reason is not predominantly generated by genes or someone’s lifestyle, like diet and exercise, but instead by psychological and emotional beliefs and patterns within the individual.

What you believe within creates an effect without.

I.e. your body shows the effects of your beliefs through physical symptoms.

That’s not to say that someone’s lifestyle has no impact whatsoever. It is of course healthier to exercise at least twice a week and eat healthy foods.

However, it has shown that even the so-called healthiest people who do all the ‘right’ things can still feel rundown, depressed and experience chronic symptoms like rheumatoid arthritis. So, how does that work?

I can use myself as an example. When the first symptom of rheumatoid arthritis appeared I was 27 years of age and in very good health. I exercised at least 4 times a week and was on a healthy vegetarian diet.

But still, rheumatoid arthritis came into my existence.

Doing all the ‘right’ things do not prevent you from experiencing chronic symptoms like rheumatoid arthritis or even life-threatening symptoms when the environment you’re in isn’t healthy.

This includes your outside environment, like where you work and live and the relationships you have, as well as your inner environment, the experiences that reside (deep) within that are not healthy for your well-being and development and the relationship with yourself.

Lissa Rankin wrote the book: “Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine”. As a traditionally trained physician she first believed that anything to do with the mind and spirit related to the body- a holistic healing approach- was just all ‘woo-woo’. She then discovered through her own eyes and her work as a doctor the power and influence of the mind and spirit in relation to self-healing.

One of the things I love about her book is the questions she asked her patients when they come in to register, as it is totally different from the standard questions you usually get from your doctor or specialist.

These questions appear to have nothing to do with your health symptoms, but the answers reveal clearly whether the kind of environment you’re living in is indeed a healthy one or not, and what you can do yourself to change it!

And as firm believer in holistic healing for rheumatoid arthritis, these questions can help reveal the message rheumatoid arthritis has for you personally:

  • If you could break any rule without consequences, what rule would you break?
  • Are you in a relationship? And if so, are you happy?
  • Do you feel you’re in touch with your life purpose?
  • Do you feel stressed about money?
  • Do you feel spiritually connected?

Powerful questions, right?

But the real break-through healing questions (I feel) are these following two:

  • What is the message of your health condition? (“What is the message of rheumatoid arthritis for me?”)
  • What does your body need in order to heal?

The suggestion here is to meditate on these two questions for 30 days and allow the healing message that rheumatoid arthritis and your body have for you to come through.

As with the list of questions, the answer may not be what you think it will be. Examples of previous patients of Lissa Rankin revealed they received messages to move house or to get out of a toxic relationship.

So, what message does rheumatoid arthritis have for you personally? All you really need to do is ask and listen.

If you received a message or answer through one or all of these questions, share them below in the comment box. I would love to hear what you’ve discovered!

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