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Epigenetics: The Science to Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis (2)

epigenetics-the-science-to-self-healing-rheumatoid-arthritis-ra-evolution-comEpigenetics is the new science that proves that the mind is key to self-healing rheumatoid arthritis and that your DNA does not determine RA.

Last week you learnt that basically you and I are made out of protein and that when you experience rheumatoid arthritis it means that either the protein is bad OR the signal to the protein is bad.

As less than 5% of people are born with bad protein due to defective genes, 95% of people are born with healthy protein and should therefore be healthy.

In other words, if you were healthy and are now experiencing rheumatoid arthritis, the signal causes the problem and not the genes. The signal, also known as the field or energy, controls the protein in your body.

This week we’ll look at epigenetics a bit more and how your genes do not determine rheumatoid arthritis and your potential for self-healing.

‘Epi’ in epigenetics means ‘above’. Epigenetic control literally means ‘control above the genes’. This refers to the old science in medical school called ‘genetic control’, which is based on Isaac Newton’s belief that the mind is separated from the body.

In this model the body is viewed as some kind of machine that is controlled by genes. This is the same model that most if not all medically trained people learn and believe to be true.

This means that some are lucky and some are just not so lucky in healing.

Here’s the life altering finding of epigenetics of how a gene really works:

A gene is a blueprint.

A gene cannot be switched on or off. It is a blueprint. And you cannot switch a blueprint on or off.

If the required protein is not in a cell to become healthy again, you need the gene. You need the blueprint.

Here’s how that works:

Imagine your bare arm is your DNA and in it is written a code for blue eyes. You can read this, because you can see your bare arm with your eyes. But, inside the cell it cannot be read as it is covered with a ‘sleeve’ of protein.

In order to read the blueprint you have to first remove the sleeve, i.e. the protein. What causes the protein to move and change shape is the signal!

The blueprint (or a copy) is then being used to make the appropriate protein. The question therefore is whether you are reading the blueprint or not. The gene does not make that decision!

Epigenetics shows that you control the genes. The genes do not control you! You make the decisions.

Happiness and self-healing are created from the inside out determined by the signal, which is primarily your belief.

That’s why practising self-acceptance and self-love are so important in the self-healing process of rheumatoid arthritis, as these are signals that have a positive effect on your personal biology.

Change your signal and you can experience more self-healing and happiness in your life.

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