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Why Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Happened To You

Ever wonder why rheumatoid arthritis has happened to you? Ever think that RA is something ‘bad’? Ever doubt if healing is possible?

Well, I don’t blame you and perfectly understand.

After all, RA hurts. Literally. And brings many physical challenges.

Not to mention emotional challenges.

Try staying sane and live a ‘normal’ life, right?

But what if our perception of RA is inaccurate? What if a new and holistic perspective explains what rheumatoid arthritis is really about?

Once you understand why rheumatoid arthritis is in your life, I guarantee you’ll never look at RA the same way again and experience profound healing.

Only just last week a friend of mine passed away after having been ill for some time.

She was very dedicated to self-healing her body.

So, when the news came I felt disbelief and wondered how she could have died?

After many thoughts had gone through my mind I became quiet and heard a voice in me say that it’s all about love.

Death is a part of our journey in life and something very natural.

But we see death as something bad and that something went wrong, because someone didn’t continue living. We think therefore that there wasn’t any healing.

The truth is, death is about light.

It is our fear for it that makes it dark.

It makes me see how this is true with rheumatoid arthritis as well.

RA is not something bad and nothing has gone wrong.

This is what we think is true. We’ve been taught to view rheumatoid arthritis that way.

But RA is about light too.

It is here to tell us that, or when, we are out of harmony with our true nature. Showing us that we believe things about ourselves that are hurting deep within and are simply not true.

There not in harmony with love.

Our healing journey therefore is to free ourselves from those restrictions so we can live a joyful and authentic life.

Healing is about opening our hearts and minds to express our beautiful true potential in this lifetime.

When you look at RA that way, you can see that RA didn’t happen to you.

It happened for you.

So you see, there is nothing wrong.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a message of love, giving you the opportunity to embrace your true potential and return to the truth of who you really are.

And every single time you do, your healing is already successful.


How has this new holistic perspective changed your view on rheumatoid arthritis? Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!

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