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Why There’s No Real Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Or Is There?)

Ever lost something and looked every place you could think of, then to find it some place you checked 3 times already?

I had that a while ago. I needed a ladder to hang something up on the ceiling. I checked everywhere in the house. Especially in the places I thought the ladder would most likely be. But the thought occurred to me that a friend of mine could have taken it, as he needed to do some work around his house.

So I thought, oh well, I’ll do it another time when he brings back the ladder.

The next day  I found the ladder. It was in the hall leaning against a wall in clear view and I had passed it many times..

As I was looking the day before, the ladder was literally right in front of me, but I didn’t see it. And it’s not that the ladder is a small item, like an earring or a key.

It’s a ladder!

I thought a friend of mine had it and so I didn’t expect the ladder to be in my house.

It made me think about how this is also true when it comes to healing.

When I ask people who experience rheumatoid arthritis whether they believe in a cure or healing for RA, there are plenty of people who believe that there is no real cure. Even though they say they would desperately want that to be true.

What is overlooked here is that is in this universe you see what you believe. And not the other way around.

But how can you create healing, how can you see it, when you don’t even believe in the POSSIBILITY of it?

Beliefs influence and create our worlds, our reality, greatly. If you do not expect healing, you won’t find it. If you don’t open your mind to the possibility of healing rheumatoid arthritis the universe cannot show you the possibility. It cannot give you signals, road signs, that lead to your healing.

Well, actually the universe sends signals all the time, but you won’t see them, even when these are right in front of you.

Knowing our beliefs are so important when it comes to creating our reality, and thus also our healing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why choose beliefs that withhold your healing?
  • Why choose to believe in a reality where healing is not a possibility?
  • Why choose to not heal?

To me, that makes no sense.

But I get it. I understand.

To open yourself up (again) to the hope of the possibility of healing when you’ve tried many things before with no or little result, you get scared. You don’t want to get your hopes up again only to be let down again.

I’ve been there. (so been there).

But you and I always have a choice.

We can stay where we are and receive the same results. Or we can open ourselves up again to healing, even when we don’t quite know where it will lead us.

Knowing that what we believe significantly influences what we see and experience, including how our bodies react and behave.

So, is there no real cure for rheumatoid arthritis? Believe what you will, for you will certainly find it.

Do you believe in a cure for rheumatoid arthritis? Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!


  • Hi Nicole,

    I always looking forward to read your article with a lot of attention and dedication..I’m always think how you always know to highlight the positive side off your situation. And how you can discribe it, in your articles. And most off the times in very simple words. As like now, In the equation With the ladder.. That you where looking for it, in a couple of days.. And assumed that it would not be there, but by a friend.. And so did not see it.. Even when you’re walked past it.. I work in Psychiatry Hospital as a nurse, and often recognize this by my clients.. Try to going or looking somewhere and not being able to view it from another side.. I do not want to claim that what you write is ‘The
    solution of the problem or the situation” … But I think and also agree with you, that creating a nother point of view, creates an opening in your perspectif, what can help you in new possibilities and personal developments. Sometimes you appear to be more human with all it’s strrengts than you had thought beforehand.. And therefore you could get more grip on the problem or sitauation in your life or inside yourself.. Which seemed unimaginable in the beginning… I hope you will keep on writing these articles with your point off view.. And you keep on giving humanity a little bit of wisdom in this sort of personal and bigger questions of live…

    Thank you for this .. Martijn

  • Hi Martijn, thanks for letting me know you look forward to reading my articles. Aand how you recognise similar experiences yourself through the work you do with your clients: when things however obvious these may seem, cannot (immediately) be seen. Yes, another point of view may not (instantly) cure rheumatoid arthritis, but helps create an opening in perspective, which then helps dealing with it better. And I definitely intend to keep writing more to do my bit to give that little bit to help 🙂

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