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Creating Successful Relationships With RA

Have you experienced rejection because of rheumatoid arthritis? Do you believe successful relationships are out of your reach because rheumatoid arthritis is a part of your life? Don’t give up just yet. Here’s what you can do to experience the kind of love and relationships you desire.

It’s tough enough dealing with the symptoms rheumatoid arthritis throws at you. But if you have experienced rejection or someone has left you because of rheumatoid arthritis, it is an extra blow to the head. Any new potential relationship can seem like a threat because you’re afraid you will be rejected again.

It isn’t easy for either party in a relationship when rheumatoid arthritis is a part of life. Huge adjustments are often required, both mentally and physically. But if you have become too frightened thinking you’ll never be in successful relationships because of rheumatoid arthritis you’re doing yourself a grave injustice and are creating more pain in your life than is necessary.

Rheumatoid arthritis may seem like the deciding factor whether a relationship will work or not, but nothing could be further from the truth. RA does not need to prohibit you from successful relationships.

In fact, rheumatoid arthritis can help you become aware of what is really happening for you in terms of love and relationships, so you can clear whatever is present within you that is unknowingly holding you back.

Relationships are a reflection, a projection, of yourself. If someone doesn’t accept you for all of who you are and rejects you, ask yourself whether you accept all of who you are. Is there a part of yourself you really don’t like and rather see the back of? What is your least favourite quality about yourself you’d rather have no one know about?

You’ll find that this is what’s actually keeping you from experiencing the kind of love and relationships you want to experience. Any hidden unwanted qualities will always surface within a close relationship, and when unresolved, will be projected onto the other person, because you haven’t embraced that part of yourself yet.

Most often it actually has nothing directly to do with rheumatoid arthritis, but you can use this story of rheumatoid arthritis as a portal to reach these yet unaccepted parts of yourself.

Once you embrace and accept the ‘good and the bad’ about yourself, make peace with, send love to and are grateful for all of these parts that have made you who you are today, you are open to receive someone who embraces and accepts you for who you are with rheumatoid arthritis.

What’s more, because you are able to love yourself this way, you are able give that kind of love to someone else. You will accept and embrace your partner for who he or she really is.

Love and relationships really are a mirror of you and when you’re willing to look in the mirror the love you are looking for will be presented to you.

Let rheumatoid arthritis not be something that holds you back from successful relationships. Instead, allow it to guide you to experiencing the deepest love you can experience.

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