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How To Love Yourself And Your Body During Hard Times

Does your body feel like your enemy? Do you hate your body at times for the pain you experience and the deformations that clearly show you have rheumatoid arthritis? How in times like these can you possibly love yourself?

When your body hurts and prevents you from doing what you would love to do and your body is showing physical signs of rheumatoid arthritis, it can be tough. To feel that your body is letting you down and that you feel ashamed of certain deformed body parts are perfectly healthy reactions. But as understandable as these reactions are, you’re actually struggling with your authentic self and end up feeling low.

Not accepting what is. Not accepting who you and your body are at this very moment. That is what is happening in moments of struggle. Result? You fight. And you lose…every single time.

Practising loving yourself at any given moment is always about realising that who you are, as you are, is enough. That there is nothing else you need to do or be, other than who you are at this very moment.

Your ego will disagree. It has different ideas about who you ought to be and what your body ought to be able to do or how it should function instead. And your ego will let you know primarily through how you feel.

You feel anxious, afraid, uneasy, annoyed, jealous, angry and insecure to name but a few. All to let you know that ‘there is something wrong with you as you are right now’. Your ego wants to convince you that you must change. Things must be different. Your body must be different. Better than this.

Rheumatoid arthritis can seem like a pain in the butt. And let’s be honest (and human) about it, it sometimes is! But rheumatoid arthritis is also a very direct and therefore wonderful way to place you in the here and now and to practise self-acceptance and self-love.

So many people run around and do, giving themselves very little time to actually be present with what is happening for them emotionally. Internally. And what they feel.

Rheumatoid arthritis on the other hand gives you ample of opportunities to connect with your authentic self and to love yourself and your body just as you are. There is no escape.

In this sense, rheumatoid arthritis is a gift. RA is a wonderful portal to releasing the pressure and ideas of who you think you should be and embracing your true self. That is true self-love. That is the kind of love Spirit, Source knows to be true about you and is patiently and lovingly waiting for you to realise this.

Allow rheumatoid arthritis and your body to guide you to the awareness of who you are and when you connect with that part of you, your struggles evaporate and you will love yourself and your body more and more.

Next time you feel annoyed with your body, notice it and use it as an opportunity to connect with your authentic self.You will feel nothing but love.



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