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Finding Peace In Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

The many times I’ve encountered rheumatoid arthritis pain, and at times there has been horrendous pain, there would always be a part of me wondering how my own body could produce that amount of pain.

How could a loving universe/Source/God, or whatever you want to call it, allow this much pain for me to be experienced? What could possibly be loving and fair about that?

And how could I have faith in ´good´ things in life when there seems to be so much ´wrong´ about rheumatoid arthritis?

It´s not easy when you feel rheumatoid arthritis pain. And for the mind it is impossible to grasp or find a satisfying and understandable answer for these questions.

This is where, in my experience, you have to go beyond the mind. Beyond the logical and analytical. Because in that realm you’ll never find an answer that is nourishing.

This can only be found in the realm of consciousness, of the inner knowing, your inner guidance. Call it your soul, inner being, heart, spirit, true or authentic self.

It is here, in this peaceful and loving place inside of you, where you’ll not only get a better understanding of who you really are, but also start seeing RA in a very different light and how rheumatoid arthritis came into your existence.

You will no longer see RA as your enemy and as something ´wrong´, but you’ll start seeing rheumatoid arthritis as something that is here to serve you, to guide you so you can be in greater harmony with your authentic self.

It is a helping hand to show you and make you become aware, that there are things, ideas and memories you are holding on to (without your conscious awareness) that are against the very nature of who you are.

This is what causes the real pain. This is what limits you in expressing your true nature and unique being.

When in terrible pain, even though the physical pain feels exceptionally real, practise viewing the pain as a part of you that is hurting deep within your psyche and your energy field that requires healing.

It is a part of you that is calling out for your help.

From this holistic and spiritual healing perspective you can see that RA and the universe/Source/Spirit are on your side. And that it is out of love for you and for healing, that these symptoms show up as a way of communicating with you so you will notice.


Most of the time there have been signals before in the past. Usually non-physical signals to alert you where you were going of track. In other words, out of alignment with your authentic self. But these were either not heard by you, ignored or not resolved completely.

Rheumatoid arthritis pain is a heck of an effective way of helping you to wake up, whether you and I like it or not.

But know that pain is not meant to hurt you. Instead, it is here to help you become aware, so you can make the correct adjustments for yourself that are healthy for you, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. And in this way you can be more in alignment (read healthier and happier) with your true self.

What are your thoughts and experiences with rheumatoid arthritis pain and has this article helped you? Share them below, I would love to hear from you!

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