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How To Deal With RA Chronic Pain and Depression

When you’re experiencing rheumatoid arthritis you’re automatically faced with chronic pain and depression at one point or another. I say ‘and depression’ as depression usually follows the sometimes severe struggle with chronic pain.

Chronic pain is no laughing matter, as you well know. It can be your constant faithful companion day and night. It seems the only time you’re not consciously experiencing pain is that moment when you’re waking up after a night’s sleep just before you’re aware of your body and realise you’re facing the cycle all over again.

It seems no surprise that chronic pain and depression are like brothers in arms. One supporting the other.

But as understandable as the cycle of chronic pain and depression is, I want to reveal to you the lies or illusions that chronic pain and depression really are.

Chronic pain and depression can lead to some pretty nasty thoughts and beliefs, which then cause and enhance the feelings of pain and depression. And these thoughts and beliefs are nowhere near what your soul, your authentic self, believes to be true about you.

Thoughts like ‘this is hopeless’ or ‘my life is meaningless as I do nothing all day but sleep, cause I feel so tired’ suck the life energy out of anyone. And the reason they do is because your soul hears these thoughts as a witness and disagrees wholeheartedly. The reason you feel so bad, is because this kind of thinking is out of alignment with your true self, with the loving messages your soul holds true.

The negative thoughts that accompany chronic pain and depression are a reaction to what seems to be happening, but your soul has a far bigger perspective on the whole situation and on you!

By becoming aware of your soul, your connection with your authentic self, you can listen and feel the love and purpose your soul feels for you. Your life is not hopeless. Your life has great meaning. Even with rheumatoid arthritis. And I’m not just saying this to sugar-coat things and to undermine what you feel .

I’m not talking about supressing what you feel, but about becoming aware of what is happening in the moment and distinguishing the lies you think are true about you and the situation, and the gentle soft messages your soul knows are true about you and your situation. Your soul loves you and is with you always. Your soul shows you the way and knows the truth even in the most dire situations.

You are not the pain. You are not the depression. You are light and a gift to this world.

When you’re willing to listen to and connect with your soul and hear it’s truth, you will start to detach from the pain and depression you believe are real. Thus allowing healing energy to come into your body and into your life. And you can start breaking the cycle. Depression does not need to stay your faithful companion. However, your soul always is.

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