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Ever Feel Really Lonely? Here’s How Chronic Illness can HELP You.

Do you ever feel lonely? I mean really really lonely? So isolated from the world that you cease to believe that anyone or this universe cares about you? Chronic illness may seem the enemy in this picture, even the cause of this isolation, but this is a misconceived idea. Here’s how chronic illness is actually here to help you release the cause of loneliness and isolation.

It can be so heart breaking. That feeling of being all alone and feeling utterly unloved and unlovable.

Boy, did I used to feel that a lot! And on occasion my ego can still trick me into believing it’s true.

First, of all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that when you’re dealing with the pains and debilitations of a chronic illness, you’re not able to do all the things you like to do.

You are less mobile and have less energy. Sometimes to the point that all you did in a  day was lie on your bed.

Little chance then of being in other people’s company and doing what you love. And bigger chance of feeling more blue.

Secondly, the information out there about chronic illness is mostly so negative, that it’s easy to feel downhearted and without much hope.

This information is  predominantly focussed on the painful symptoms, medications (and possible side effects) and what is no longer possible.

It takes away all feelings of freedom and enjoyment of life.

Depressing indeed!

However, what most of these information leads fail to mention and are completely unaware of is

that chronic illness plays a vital role into releasing the (sometimes deeply) rooted cause of this experience of loneliness, isolation, undesirability and lovelessness.

Chronic illness contains the transformation and healing.

But, you won’t experience this transformation when you blame the chronic illness for how you feel.

It is by working with the illness, and not against it, that the healing you seek – joy, freedom, love and inner peace – manifests in your life.

What I have experienced and learnt over the years from spiritual teachers to scientific thought leaders, is that chronic illness does not appear in our lives out of thin air.

Ever heard the expression when your body speaks?

It does.

And in this case, it speaks in the language ’chronic illness’.

Chronic illness is the accumulation of repressed and yet unhealed emotional trauma and pain, which leads to long term stress in the body.

Chronic illness is the expression of the suppression of your authentic nature.

Chronic illness’ attempt is to simply make you aware that you are out of alignment with your authentic self. Your true nature. When hiding and not valuing your true nature, overtime chronic illness is created.

So, when you’re feeling lonely and isolated, ask your inner knowing what is really creating this state of being for you?  The ego may be quick to judge and tell you it’s the illness.

However, listen carefully and enquire with your heart.

Be patient with this. The answer may not come to you at ones. But know the answer will reveal itself to you. You may find that earlier memories may surface and show you the origin of the pain.

Loneliness and isolation are a sign you’re disconnected from love. From your essence. And are the cause of a painful memory your ego believes to be true about you. A memory where you were disconnected from your essence.

Chronic illness does not need to keep you from experiencing love, joy and inner peace. Chronic illness helps you reconnect with them again.

After loving enquiry, what answer is chronic illness giving you? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you!

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