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3 New Steps to Activate Your Body’s Self-Healing Ability with Rheumatoid Arthritis

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis there fortunately is a lot you can do to activate your body’s self-healing ability. You do not have to be a bystander and throw yourself at the mercy of the constant and unpredictable changes of RA.

So what specifically can you do to create more health and well being for yourself?

Self-criticism is one, if not, the worst enemy.

Not only does it deflate you emotionally, but in time sets up information in your body that reflects this kind of self-talk.

Dr. Bruce Lipton scientifically proves in his book the Biology of Belief how the cells in the body respond to how we talk about and to ourselves. Consciously and unconsciously.

So much so, that through our self-talk we can help the cells in our bodies create and maintain healthy structures and thus the self-healing ability of the body.

Or we can deactivate it.

The tricky thing is that negative self-talk can be operating without you even being consciously aware of it. Beliefs you believe are true about you, yet are deeply tucked away.

Beliefs like being unworthy, not being welcome in this world or not being loved. This can manifest in behaviours where you  feel a nuisance to people and want to stay out of the way (with family, friends or society), putting other people’s needs before your own, not daring to speak your mind or feeling small and insignificant.

These beliefs and behaviours are not uncommon for people who experience rheumatoid arthritis.

From a spiritual point of view, in which you are loved and an integral part of this experience we call life, this of course is not the truth of who you are. These are merely beliefs you’ve come to believe in.

And a sure way of knowing this is true for you is becoming aware of how you feel. We can analyse all we want to find an answer, but your feelings tell you what’s true in an instant. You simply feel off.

When you notice you feel less than great, this usually means there is some inner talk happening that your soul, your spirit, simply does not agree with and knows is not true about you.

So to remedy this negative self-talk and create a healthier environment for your cells to grow in, there are a few steps you can take that you almost instantly feel the benefit of.

And when practised overtime, this can help release the information of rheumatoid arthritis in your cells and create lasting healthy functioning cells.

Here are 3 steps to activate your body’s self-healing ability:

1.       Relax. I cannot express enough how meditation is vital for your health and emotional well being. Mediation helps you relax your body and mind. And relaxation is the first step in any self-healing practise. If your body and mind are not relaxed, they will not be able to take on new information and change their structure.

Find any mediation practise you feel comfortable with. It really does not matter which you follow. There is no one right way. Simply find a practise you feel comfortable with and relax your body and mind.

2.       Create space. For new information to come into your system, information of health, space has to be created in your cells.

One truly wonderful and fast working way is through thanking your body and telling your body you love it. Do this several times. Your cells will open up like a flower.

3.       Instruct. Once you are relaxed and created space (step 1 and 2) new energy and information of health can come in now, as your cells are receptive. You do this by simply instructing your body and cells with healthy information.

In your mind move through your body from head to toe and see or feel (whatever works for you. It’s all good) how each part of your body gets filled with new energy that contains the information of a healthy structure and normal functioning of the cells. Do this several times.

These 3 simple steps have an enormous beneficial effect on your cells and your body’s self-healing ability. In time, the conscious and unconscious negative self-talk, and the information of rheumatoid arthritis caused by this kind of self-talk, starts to diminish.

Are you familiar with self-criticism? And what are your experiences with these 3 self-healing steps? Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!



  • I recognise what you have described and am grateful for the information you have provided. I already do try to be mindful of my thoughts and I do deep relaxation but what I realise is I do not have enough self love, definitely something from my childhood. This is something I am going to work on. I will also follow step three, once again thank you. Xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Pearl, it’s great you’re already mindful of your thoughts and that you do deep relaxation. That is such a huge relief and release for both your body and mind. So good for you! Thank you for mentioning self-love. You’re not alone in this, and I believe it is what it all comes down to, for all of us. The more we love and embrace ourselves, the more love and freedom, including well being, we experience. And I am sure you will love step 3. It is such an easy thing to do, and our cells do respond to this information. Thank you for sharing xx

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