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Epigenetics: The Science to Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis (1)

epigenetics-the-science-to-self-healing-rheumatoid-arthritis-ra-evolution-comSpiritual teachers have been saying this for thousands of years. Now, there is a new science that proves they’ve been right all along. Epigenetics is the scientific proof that the mind is key to self-healing rheumatoid arthritis.

Today I’m going to talk a lot of science and how this new science will change civilisation and healing rheumatoid arthritis as we speak. Sound a bit farfetched or too promising? Then I urge you to read on.

Actually, this new science is not so new. It’s first been written about some decades ago, but as you won’t hear anything about this in the mainstream media, you may not have heard about this before.

This new science is called epigenetics or epigenetic control. The information I’m about to share with you comes from Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, who is doing a wonderful job of bringing these amazing findings to our attention.

I’ll explain to you in 2 parts (in very simple terms, so I too understand! 😉 ) how genes really work, how proteins behave and how these greatly affect your self-healing process!

Simply put, you and I are made out of protein. When the protein receives a signal it moves and creates behaviour. If you’re healthy, it means this behaviour is good. If you experience dis-ease, the behaviour is not so good.

When disease is experienced it means that either the protein is bad OR the signal to the protein is bad.

People who have bad proteins get them from birth defects and are born with defective genes. This however affects less than 5% of the people. This means that 95% of people should have a healthy and happy existence.

So, if you were first healthy and later on started to experience rheumatoid arthritis, that means that the signal causes the problem and not the genes.

The signal is also known as the field or energy. This energy is a vital healing force and the energy in your body controls the protein.

There are 3 ways the signal can be interfered with: (see also article on the causes of chronic stress)

  1. Trauma. You may fall and hurt your back for instance. This then hinders the signal.
  2. Toxins. If the chemistry is not good inside the body, the signal cannot be passed through bad chemicals.
  3. Thought or the mind. In this case there is nothing wrong with the body. It is just that the wrong signal is sent at the wrong time.

The mind is actually the primary cause of illness on our planet today, which means that if you change your mind, you can change your biology and experience self-healing.

Perception or belief, gives the signal to the protein and causes behaviour, which results in either illness or health. In other words..

What you believe to be true about you and how you see the world controls your biology!

95% or more of our behaviour is subconscious. If you’re not aware of what you believe you can keep creating unhappiness and illness in your life without knowing it.

In part 2 next week I’ll talk about how epigenetics proves your DNA does not determine rheumatoid arthritis and why practising self-acceptance and self-love are essential to changing your signal to create more self-healing and happiness in your life.


  • So I am was born with RA I have the genitive genome. Tested with MRI, biopsy, and labs. So with that said I understand completely with mind over matter. I am extremely positive in thinking. My dr let me do my thing and just put me on meds. To stop the degenerative process. We get hit with a hammer it hurts, 47 years of an attack we start too feel it. Right. So a cure for me is impossible but my mindset keeps me strong. My official diagnosis is rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and a muscle repair illness that I could never remember the name of that’s kind of a real irrelevant. At this point. I would love to hear your response thinking and thoughts. I fear nothing I have accepted gods path and researching for years.

  • Dear Tricia, thank you for sharing your experience. You seem to me to be a very strong woman dealing head on with your challenges. I applaud you for that and it can certainly not always be easy (to say the least). Medically, I cannot respond, as I am not a medical professional. I feel there is a lot of wisdom and experience that you can share with others, particularly your acceptance. I wonder whether you write about your wisdom or perhaps express it in different ways? I know it can help many other woman (and men) too. Much love.

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