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Forgiveness Essential Ingredient Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

As someone who is interested and feels drawn to spiritual and holistic healing (and if you’ve been following my blog), it may come as no surprise to you when I say that self-healing rheumatoid arthritis essentially comes down to loving yourself.

However, how do you self-love? What brings you to that state of self-healing?

All kinds of words can be used to describe self-healing methods for rheumatoid arthritis and I use them all the time. Words like accepting, embracing, allowing and letting go, but these words ultimately all mean one and the same thing:


But, what does forgiveness  truly mean? What does it feel like?

Forgiveness is not about telling yourself you have let go when every time you think of a particular person or situation and you feel unsettled.

Forgiveness is not about pretending, thinking you’re now enlightened enough that you’re over that someone or situation.

You fool yourself.

And I speak of experience.

Forgiveness is a decision.

Forgiveness is choosing to let go of sometimes the deepest pain (shame, guilt, resentment, anger) knowing that what happened in the past is not ever going to change because of your decision to forgive.

Forgiveness won’t change the past. But you know that forgiveness is going to set you free.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

It doesn’t mean you condone what happened. But you no longer carry the debilitating pain anymore that is damaging your health and well-being, as well as blocking your self-healing efforts for rheumatoid arthritis.

Because that kind of pain most definitely does.

Forgiveness is a decision, and only possible, not with the mind, but with and from love.

Forgiveness cannot occur without love. It is an act of love. Of self-love.

Because the moment you choose to forgive is the moment you decide and realise you deserve well-being. You are worthy of love.

The illusion has been that you think you’ve been fighting the other person or situation, but in truth you’ve been fighting yourself. You were let astray by beliefs that for one reason or another you were not worthy enough.

This has been the real pain all that time.

Self-love always leads to self-healing including rheumatoid arthritis. It is embracing and acknowledging that who you are is enough.

It doesn’t mean you will no longer feel pain in your life and that everything is going to be jolly and happy. That’s downright unrealistic and frankly self torture.

Self-love is about allowing yourself to feel and experience. Knowing that what you feel is okay and that who you are is okay. You’re human. It comes with the territory.

Loving yourself is an ongoing process and a daily practise. It’s a choice you’ll be asked to make for the rest of your days.

And don’t worry, you won’t get it all at once, nor will you be ‘perfect’ at this. Not one bit. But you don’t have to be.

Stay alert. Be aware of your true feelings and notice when you feel pain. Then set the intention to choose forgiveness.

It may not happen instantly, but the steps that lead to forgiveness will be revealed to you and your self-healing efforts for rheumatoid arthritis will pay off.

What or who is ready for your forgiveness? What pain are you still holding onto? Share your thoughts about this article below. I would love to hear from you!


  • I have found great comfort reading this article. It has opened up in me something I was too afraid to look at, the dark thoughts that make me feel guilty. I used to think that everyone out there was happy and had there life in order and I was the only one who was struggling. Thanks to people like Eckhart Tolle, Anita Moorjani and yourself I realise how wrong I was. I resented all the time because I didn’t seem to have this perfect life I thought everyone else had. I do not know how I ever came to think that way, but I plan to do some self enquiry work to find out. I very much appreciate your web site Love Pearl ????

  • Hi Pearl, I’m so pleased this article has given you great comfort and that it has made you aware of thoughts that make you feel guilty. Allowing you to see and realise feelings of resentment. Your thoughts and feelings are very recognisable and common, I promise you, to not only myself, but many people 🙂 Especially to those who are dealing with a chronic auto-immune dis-ease. These ideas were created usually when we were too young to make conscious choices and we only find out later on what we actually believe. Honesty is the first step, so well done for realising and having the courage to look at what seemed to be too frightening. Setting the intention to forgive yourself for these ideas is the next step, and I believe you’ve already done that. And thank you for letting me know you appreciate my site. I appreciate that. Much healing to you, Nicole

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