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How To Transform Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Into Healing

Transforming rheumatoid arthritis pain into healing sounds a bit like a fairy tale, right? Haven’t you already tried numerous painkillers and medication and aren’t you still experiencing RA pain?

This is different.

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis pain and the suffering that’s attached to it, you can indeed create a transformation that heals the pain you experience.

You do this by first of all realising that RA pain itself does not create suffering.

What creates suffering is your resistance to RA pain.

The moment your mind resists rheumatoid arthritis pain, it is creating a story of how it (your life, the current situation) should be, and how it shouldn’t be the way it is right now. It is the story created around and attached to the pain and not the pain itself.

The solution, and the only solution, to releasing resistance and suffering is simple. And that is to surrender to the pain.

This means instead of resisting rheumatoid arthritis pain to allow it and to feel it without attaching a story to it. Feel what you feel. Go into the pain, “into the darkness”, as Eckhart Tolle puts it.

In his book ‘The Power of Now’ he explains that when you surrender you go into the present moment, into the now. And in the now there is no illness. There is no pain. There is no suffering.

Eckhart Tolle calls this “ transforming suffering into enlightenment”.

He states: “You do not surrender to the idea of illness, but instead surrender to the physical ‘factors’: the pain, discomfort and disability now.”

He explicates that you can use suffering for enlightenment and allow it to force you into the present moment.

What halts surrender (and creates resistance) is a false identity: the belief that the illness and pain is who you are.

If I were to say that RA pain does not exist in the now, would you feel angry? Annoyed? Do you want to insist that the pain IS real?

Then this is a clear sign that you have become attached to the false identity. To the label of rheumatoid arthritis. To illness. Because you are now defending that very illness, thinking that this is who you are.

It is not.

This is your ego that is creating a false identity, a story in your mind. And by defending rheumatoid arthritis pain all you’re doing is giving this identity more power and ‘truth’.

So, the problem is not the Illness , but your ego that is in control at that moment.

Stop labelling rheumatoid arthritis pain. Refrain from creating your story around it, going back and forth into the past and future in your mind. All this is keeping you from transforming RA pain into healing.

Instead, surrender.

The result of surrender is not that rheumatoid arthritis pain will have left your body in that instance and that you’re completely cured, but you will experience inner peace, acceptance and tranquillity. Because your fight with what is will have ceased.

And ultimately you start transforming your life, your health, for you are transforming yourself.

You have a choice: you can continue resisting RA pain or you can surrender by going deep into the pain and come out the other end being freed from the chains that kept you suffering in the first place.

I’d like to give you a tip when you practise surrender, as we, who experience rheumatoid arthritis, tend to be pretty hard on ourselves. Do what you can.

If at times it feels difficult to surrender or particular pain or grief comes up again you thought you’d already let go, be gentle with yourself. Know that you’re doing the best you can and that it is enough.

I grant you, practising surrender isn’t always easy ;-)But, the moment you notice you’re in a state of resistance to RA pain, you’ve already broken ‘the spell’ so the speak. You’ve released yourself from the false identity. And each time you do you create transformation. You create healing. Right now.

What are your experiences with RA pain? And how do you feel about the practise of surrender? Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!


  • I stopped looking for answers on the internet for RA as they were all so negative. I asked the universe for direction and I come upon your site. Thank you so much. What you say is exactly what I needed to hear. This RA is a blessing and a time to look for the true me. The questions to ask myself sure touch on the right things I need to work on. Please keep on sharing your wisdom. I so needed to finally find this truth…..

  • Hi Wanda, how wonderful you found what you needed in terms of RA. Ask and the universe does show you the way 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement to keep sharing my insights and information. Yes, RA is indeed an amazing opportunity to discover and express the true you. Welcome!

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