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How Your Energy Affects The Healing Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

healing-rheumatoid-arthritis-is-ra-evolution-comYou and I play a very active part in how healing rheumatoid arthritis and health is physically created in our lives. We literally have the power inside of ourselves to alter physical matter around us and change the state of our physical bodies by shifting our energy.

Quantum research shows how our energy field sends instructions to the universal energy field that is all around us. This universal energy field then follows these signals and sends back to us what we ‘asked for’.

Whereas previously it was believed we had no or little control over our bodies and health. Now it shows we have great power over what we can create in terms of healing rheumatoid arthritis.

How it works is that the universal field around us behaves differently when this field is being observed. Observation changes the behaviour of how this field reacts or responds.

To translate this back to how you and I can apply this information in terms of healing rheumatoid arthritis: what we observe has an impact on how the cells in our bodies respond.

What we believe, what we expect to see, in other words, what’s is in our energy field, literally affects the behaviour- the structure and functioning of- our bodies. Our bodies respond to what we ‘ask for’.

Now I may hear you say: but I don’t nor ever asked for my body to create rheumatoid arthritis!

Of course you did not. Not consciously. No one does 😉

This simply means there is something in your energy field that is sending signals to your body that blocks it from being able to create healing and new healthy cells.

This is NOT to make you feel bad. And this is NOT about blaming yourself! <3

This is about awareness and using this awareness to create more healing and joy in your life.

Healing rheumatoid arthritis therefore is all about releasing blockages in your energy field that create physical discomfort, imbalance and RA in your body, so healing can come into your energy field.

Blockages in your energy field can have different causes. Influences and experiences from conception to childhood from your immediate surrounding and environment that left various traumatic (read: unlovable) memories in your energy field that are still present and you still believe to be true.

Influences from family, teachers, other parents, strangers, tv, radio, church etc.  in one way or another all left memories in your energy field. When painful and unresolved, over time these manifest as energy blocks in your energy field, which disrupt the balance of the body and creates, in this case, the physical expression that’s known as rheumatoid arthritis.

But, in my experience, these can also be influences from past lives and ancestral connections from generations ago. This means energy from generations ago, just like DNA, is carried forward in the dynamic of the family and can reside in your energy field too.

It is important to really grasp that everything in this universe, and what we are made of, is information and energy. And that you and I can consciously shift, make changes, in our energy field, which then creates measurable changes on the outside. Including when it comes to healing rheumatoid arthritis.

We are far more than the 3D beings we have always believed we are. We are powerful energy co-creators with the universe; with the universal healing energy that is all around us.

We can learn to tap into this power and create the changes in our lives we previously never thought we could.

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