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If Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Could Speak It Would Tell You This

the-wisdom-of-pain-ra-evolution-comWhen you think of rheumatoid arthritis pain chances are you instantly feel a contraction in your body and mind. You want to be rid of it straight away, disguise it or run away from it if you could. Rheumatoid arthritis pain is not something you want to be reminded of or focus on.

And with 14 years of rheumatoid arthritis pain’ experience in the bag I totally understand.

But those years of ‘expertise’ has taught me a thing or two and one important and crucial lesson is this:

Rheumatoid arthritis pain contains wisdom that when listened to can increase and progress your healing.

The key to this is not to supress rheumatoid arthritis pain but to partner up and work with rheumatoid arthritis pain.

In society generally speaking pain is considered a nuisance, something to be rid of and instantly to be released from. Yet pain is a natural process and a signal from the body that contains vital information to help us.

Most of us haven’t been taught to give pain some time and a voice so we can learn to help heal our body.

Your body knows what is need of your loving attention and thus in need healing, and will often tell you in a very clear way. If only you listen 😉

So how do you listen to rheumatoid arthritis pain and understand the wisdom it contains, you may ask?

As obvious as this may sound, the simple answer is to ask.

Take a moment, switch of your phone, stop doing what you’re doing and close your eyes.

Take a couple of deep breaths and focus on your body. Connect with it.

Then focus on a particular area that is hurting or focus on rheumatoid arthritis pain as a whole. Whatever feels right for you.

When you feel connected ask that part or RA pain as a whole to show you what it wants to communicate with you and how you can help.

Then notice what comes up.

Most likely you’ll get a certain feeling or memory that reveals itself. Do not expect a full written report. Do not (over)think or analyse what comes up thinking “it” doesn’t make any sense.

Trust what is being revealed to you and let the wisdom contained in your highly intelligent body guide you to what is in need of healing right now. And allow yourself to be guided to how it can best be healed.

Rheumatoid arthritis pain may be a nuisance and something you quickly want to see the back of, but when you take time to listen to rheumatoid arthritis pain and work with the pain, pain from deep within can be released from your body resulting in deep healing.


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