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The Power To Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis Lies With(in) You

When you are in state of pain you’ll do (almost) anything to release it. You’ll try all sorts of healing therapies and methods to find that one solution that ends all your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. But there is often one disempowering ‘hiccup’ when we seek.

These days there are more and more healing methods available and in our public awareness. You can do workshops, follow courses and read or listen to books. Where a lot of methods are sound and aid our healing process, what we tend to (completely) forget is that the healing power we (so desperately) seek is already within us.

You have the power. RA-Evolution.comOften times we give our power away by thinking ‘the other person’ (the healer, the therapist) can heal us. We believe (or at least most of us in various degrees throughout our lives) we ourselves cannot possibly be that powerful. We do not realise that we are our own healers!

What healers and  therapists do is guide you through the blocks and pain of rheumatoid arthritis so you yourself are (re)connected with the love, strength and healing power that is inside of you- and always was.

Whenever I’m dealing with rheumatoid arthritis pain there can still sometimes be a tendency to reach out for guidance by someone else, thinking ‘they’ will heal me and that ‘they’ have the solution I am looking for! That’s when I realise I forgot my own healing power and in that moment gave my healing power away and placed that responsibility into someone else’s hands.

There is of course nothing wrong with seeking guidance from healers or therapists to help heal rheumatoid arthritis. After all, I am a healer myself 😉 . But it’s important to know the difference between the desperation of looking for an answer outside of yourself (and hoping someone else will cure your pain) and asking for guidance that helps awaken your own innate healing power.

You and I are powerful beyond belief. We, in human form, can still not comprehend fully what we are capable of in terms of healing and how this amazing and wondrous universe we  presently live in truly operates. But we can open up to our true healing power and start to experience what we are truly capable of.

Start releasing the belief that the power to healing rheumatoid arthritis only lies with(in) some others and not with(in) yourself.

You ultimately create your own healing for rheumatoid arthritis. You alone are fully capable of that. That may seem daunting, but it’s not meant to be. This is to wake you up that you are FULL of healing power. All  you have to do is let yourself be guided to (re)connect with that power again:

  1. Connect with your true self, your inner being. Meditation is a wonderful way to do that. And feel the healing taking place as you do. (You’ll LOVE it!)
  2. Connect with Spirit, Source, The Universe. Feel this presence in and around you. You are an intrinsic part of Source. Source is the life (and healing ) within and without you.
  3. Connect with a healer or therapist when needed. Allow them to guide you in awakening your healing power to heal rheumatoid arthritis.

Never underestimate your own healing power.  It is with(in) you at all times. You are the saviour you are looking for. You are the power to healing rheumatoid arthritis!

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