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The Truth About Test Results for Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Watch this video to find out what test results for rheumatoid arthritis really mean:


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  • Thank you for this video. I found out a little while ago while looking on the internet this information about how our bodies are always changing and I thought then that it might be possible to heal my body. I have been practicing as much as I can being in the present moment and allowing things to be as they are. I know that some of my joints ARE better than they have been in the past and this is my greatest incentive to carry on. I really resonated with your comment about the test results showing how the body was but not necessarily what it can become. I look forward to your next video much love Pearl ??? xxxxxx

  • Hi Pearl, thank you for your comment and wonderful to read how the information about how the body constantly changes has changed your perspective about your body and the possibilities of healing, and how your practise of being present is helping your joints. Good for you. The next video will come out shortly on the site. Definitely by the end of this week 🙂 Love & healing, Nicole

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