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The Healing Power of Universal Energy For Rheumatoid Arthritis

the-healing-power-of-universal-energy-for-rheumatoid-arthritis-ra-evolution-comAs human beings we tend to think we’re alone and that we have to do it all by ourselves. Healing rheumatoid arthritis that is. I certainly have had moments like that in the past. And I still do on occasion. And this is when we have forgotten who we really are, who or what we’re working with and what we are made of (literally!). When we remember, healing rheumatoid arthritis becomes so much easier.

We are part of this universe. In fact, we are what the universe is made of. And this is not some fancy cute idea. Science is showing us this.

That’s what’s so wonderful about science. Spirituality, spiritual healing practices and science are really one and the same. It’s the same coin. One physically explains the other. Science now demonstrates what ancient healers have always known to be true.

All exists, simply put, of energy. Energy and information. And it is this universal energy that is our source of life. It is what all exists of and is made of in this universe. Including us.

Universal energy is an intelligence that knows how to create healing. It is what gives our bodies life and heals what is hurt or wounded within, and without, the body. And it does so automatically, without us even having to ask for it. Healing is its nature. Life is its nature.

Think about it. When you have cut yourself, do you actively heal your wound or does the healing happen for you by itself? Are you consciously beating  your heart right now or is your heart beating without you even being aware of it?

This is universal energy at work.

When we work with universal energy we allow the healing energy of life to flow through us and take care of what we ‘mere mortals’ could never accomplish by ourselves with conscious effort or even know where or how to begin, including healing rheumatoid arthritis.

It is only when the flow of universal energy is being obstructed or blocked somehow that an unbalance is created and dis-ease can manifest in the body.

To release the blocks is to first understand we are way more than the ‘physical mere mortals’ most of us think we are. We are the energy that this entire universe is made of.

Secondly, work with the universal energy by connecting with your authentic self. Call it your inner being, your soul, your true or higher self. Through your heart, your authentic self shares with you the truth of who you really are. You will be able to feel this. (and this feels peaceful, loving and light!)

Thirdly, allow your authentic self to show you, where your blocks with rheumatoid arthritis are. This can be physical, but your authentic self can also show you emotional and mental issues and situations that ask for healing.

Fourthly, say yes. Say yes to releasing what shows up for you. Say yes to letting go of pain and hurt, no matter what the cause was or who you think was to blame (including yourself).

That’s when universal energy, the source of life, can flow through you again, through where your blocks are and heal the parts related to rheumatoid arthritis.

And you don’t have to wonder or question how it works exactly. Just trust that it does. Just like you trust your heart is going to beat the next beat.

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