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Are You Blaming God for Your Chronic Illness?

I´m not a Christian. Nor a Catholic. Nor have I been raised with any particular religion. But over my adult years I’ve come to read about various religious views and spiritual perspectives and collected beliefs and standpoints that resonate with me and created my personal home made religion if you will. So, why bring God […]

Is Chronic Illness The Enemy Or Are We?

Chronic illness is never something that we’re happy to have in our lives. We perceive it as the enemy. As something that’s wrong. And as something we must fight and be rid of as soon as possible. This is understandable of course. For most of the time chronic illness comes with its own special army […]

Do you suffer from miracle healing overwhelm?

Do you suffer from ‘miracle healing overwhelm’?  Do you suffer from ‘miracle healing overwhelm’?  Miracle healing overwhelm happens when you are inspired by what are known as miracle healing stories: people who have cured themselves (quickly) from a chronic illness. And you’ve tried these various methods that are recommended so you can experience the same. […]

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