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How Your Intention Creates Self-Healing For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Having a wish that rheumatoid arthritis will be healed doesn’t work. Nor does hoping. However, when you set the intention to be healthy, you’re starting to create health in your life. Your intention is the foundation of self-healing rheumatoid arthritis. Our bodies change every moment. Every. Moment. The body you had last year, last week, […]

Talk Yourself Back To Health: Healing Self-Talk Boosts Healthy Cells

Wondering how you can play an active part in healing rheumatoid arthritis? Then you’re in luck! Scientific research shows that you can take considerable action when it comes to your personal self-healing process. There is a very simple, and totally free, method that literally changes your body’s physiology back to health. As I’m sure you’ve […]

Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis is.. Forgiveness

In my own self-healing process of rheumatoid arthritis over the years I have been confronted with memories and situations from my past that were begging me to forgive and let go. The pain, shame and anger that had been residing  in me for years had taken its toll and was damaging my health and joy […]