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VIP Healing Breakthrough

In 3 months from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost and afraid living with chronic illness to experiencing renewed energy, more peace, joy, (self)love and well-being.


VIP Healing Breakthrough

In 3 months from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost and afraid living with chronic illness to experiencing more peace, joy, (self)love and well-being. 

With the VIP Healing Breakthrough I personally support you with intuitive coaching, energy work & readings tailored specifically to your personal needs. 

Do you recognise this?

  • You feel isolated and depressed as you’re staying in once again. You feel like you’re missing out on all the fun and your life is passing you by.
  • You feel guilty for having to cancel yet another meet up with your friends or at work and wonder how long they will accept and understand your situation.
  • You feel upset and hurt, experiencing little to no understanding from members of your family, friends, your partner or colleagues, as they think it can’t all be that bad as you seem alright.
  • You feel frustrated, angry or depressed, wishing your life was different. You're finding it hard to cope and accept how your life is with chronic illness.
  • You want to experience more ease and greater harmony in your life- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You're looking for a personal healing approach that transforms the struggles of chronic illness into deep healing and nourishes and integrates the whole of your being. Body, Mind & Spirit. An approach that is tailored to your specific personal needs and supports the unique beautiful woman that you are, so you can experience more authentic joy, self-love and well-being in your life.

I know how you feel. Hi, my name is Nicole Nyqvist and I can help you. Allow me to introduce myself..

About 16 years ago I was told I had a chronic illness and I was stunned. I kept thinking that surely this was not supposed to happen to me? I was only 27 and had been healthy and in very good shape for years. So, how was this possible?

The specialist couldn’t give me any answers. She simply told me that there was no cure and she recommended I started medical treatment immediately. But in my heart I felt there had to be a reason. Something that explained how chronic illness had come into my life and how to heal it.

I started researching diligently and applying whatever method I thought would help me. I was determined to find a cure and find a method that was ‘user friendly’. So I chose alternative medicine. What followed were acupuncture, kinesiology, detoxes, diets, Chinese herbs, vitamin supplements, magnets and countless research via the internet and books. I can’t even remember all the things I tried back then during those years.

But none of these remedies helped me. Nor did any of the conventional medications I took later on bring any lasting relief. Not to mention some unpleasant side effects I experienced. It made no sense to me. And to make things worse, the pain I experienced was so immense, I could no longer do the work I enjoyed so much. I didn’t know what to do. Was it not possible to heal or was I missing something?

Since then I have found various crucial missing links in an array of fields, ranging from scientific research to spiritual teachings.

Firstly, the human body is not what most people think it is. The body is not solid, but fluid, existing of waves of information and energy. And this information and energy is predominantly influenced by our minds and the (internal) environment we live in. In fact, these elements are in a constant state of interaction with one another and affect the biology and physiology of the body.

Secondly, as human beings we have two innate needs. One is the need for attachment with other human beings. The need to lovingly connect. For without it we could not survive. Our second need is the need for authenticity. To be in touch with our essence and intuition. To feel free and safe to express who we truly are.

But, when it comes to maintaining the attachment with another person or a community, in other words, when authenticity threatens attachment, we often choose attachment over authenticity. This is because as babies we already instinctively did this in order to survive. In a temporary stressful situation, this can be the better option, as it keeps you alive in that moment. But when you’re in this constant state of survival, a chronic state of stress, this eventually starts to be physically expressed through the body in the form of dis-ease.

In other words, when you repress the expression of your authentic self and your true nature long enough, you block the healthy flow of energy and information. And emotional and physical suffering occurs.

As I was applying and studying healing methods that embraced these principles I realised that I had unknowingly been blocking my own energy from receiving the well-being, joy and love I desperately wanted, due to the chronic state of survival I was unconsciously in.  During this deep healing process my intuitive skills also developed and my life’s purpose became clear to me. Step by step I began healing parts of myself that were causing severe suffering in my own life.

How? I discovered that chronic illness is not the enemy, but here to help you heal. In order to heal, chronic illness must be listened to and worked with, instead of fought against. It has a very clear message that is key to your personal healing process and well-being.

And you can discover the personal message chronic illness has for you. By connecting with your energy I can pick up information that is currently hidden from your conscious awareness that is blocking the healthy flow of your energy. Once you are aware and embrace chronic illness’s message a deep healing transformation takes place. You live more in alignment with your authentic self and experience more (self)love, inner peace, well-being and joy in your life. With that in mind it is important to realise that..


Healing Is A Deeply Personal Journey

Each human being is unique. Therefore each healing journey is unique. Despite the similar physical structure and emotional needs, a person’s experience of life is completely his or her own. Each person has a totally unique blue print. This is why its difficult to predict how quickly or how specifically healing will manifest for someone.

However, the end result is always more joy, peace and well-being once you reconnect with your essence and embark on the journey of deep inner healing.  When you align with your authentic self and work in harmony with the wisdom of your body, the wisdom of the illness and your inner knowing, you know that the healing you experience will be exactly right for you. You experience a connection with, and love for, yourself like you’ve never known before or have long forgotten. You enjoy greater fulfilment in your relationships, work and life. And you can even discover your life’s purpose.

"This reading is indeed my truth Nicole and I thank you for presenting it to me in a gentle and loving way. You have a wonderful talent and have already changed my life. Thank you.

K. Harvey, UK

Imagine what it's like when..

  • You feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for yourself and your body. You heal hurt and trauma from within your body and you are open to receive more health and well-being.
  • You experience less struggle and more ease in your life. You effectively release stress, fear and negativity and help restore your body’s natural self-healing ability.
  • You enjoy greater harmony and balance- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You transform hurt into inner peace, joy and love. You feel deeply connected to your authentic being and your purpose in life.
  • You experience deep healing. Your body, mind and spirit are realigned and healthy energy flows freely through your entire system that touches and enriches all areas of your life. You feel revitalised and a deep sense of calm.

With a VIP Breakthrough you can experience this!

"Dear Nicole,
I’m just feeling better about myself overall. The word that’s coming up is more “valuable”. I’m kinder and nicer to myself, especially when I make mistakes. I’m making better choices most of the time just because I want to.

That is a good feeling.

I’m really grateful to you and want to thank you for a helpful session. Your work is a gift to the world.

Blessings, Laura."

L. S. Deter, Sales Director, USA,

E. Thyne, Musician, Ireland

"The feedback and guidance Nicole gave me have been really useful for me in dealing with matters that concerned me.
I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole to anyone who wishes to gain more awareness and receive detailed personal guidance.

How A VIP Healing Breakthrough Works

You can benefit from a VIP Breakthrough with me anywhere in the world.

1. After you request a VIP Healing Breakthrough with me, you receive a short questionnaire in preparation to our first call where you can ask specific questions you may have related to your VIP Healing Breakthrough. 

2. Upon receipt of the questionnaire I email to set up our preliminary call. This call is to answer your questions and to see whether we are a good match to work together. This call is completely free. 

This is for both your benefit and mine. I only work with a certain amount of clients to guard my energy, so I can give my full attention to the clients I work with. And it’s also important to see if I am the right person to help you at this moment in time.

3. Once we decide to go ahead I explain what the next steps are and we schedule your first intuitive reading and our first appointment together following the reading.

A VIP Healing Breakthrough is all about you and is tailored to your specific personal needs. A VIP Healing Breakthrough contains a combination of intuitive one-on-one mindset coaching, energy work, readings and spiritual counselling over a period of 3 monthsIt contains the following:  

  • 1 intuitive reading in which I connect with your energy and pick up information that is currently hidden from your conscious awareness that is blocking the natural flow of your energy. I also receive guidance about any personal needs you expressed during our call together and how to then best apply this to experience deep healing in your life. This is the foundation that we work with.

    A reading can take between 45 minutes to over an hour. When I do your reading you do not have to be physically present, nor do you have to do anything specifically or differently. You can simply go about your day as usual.
  • 3 private calls via Skype or Zoom. During these calls you can ask any questions or concerns that you have and we work on clearing blocks in your energy through coaching, readings or other energy work.

    The calls are scheduled at a mutually convenient time and we connect via Skype or Zoom. Each call takes between 45 minutes to an hour. You receive the Skype or Zoom details via email. Both are completely free to use.

With These Components Of The VIP Healing Breakthrough You Experience Deep Personal Healing Transformation For More Joy, Health, Peace And Well-Being In Your Life

But I like to give you extra bonuses to maximise your VIP Healing Breakthrough. You additionally receive the following:

  • A downloadable mp3 recording of your reading, so you can go back and listen to it as often as you like.
  • Personal email contact during your complete VIP Healing Breakthrough, as I know how valuable and healing it is to have on-going personal support in between the calls whenever you need it.

"Thanks so much for your reading, Nicole. I definitely feel much better and I am also more clear with what I want to do next.

Because of the reading I am now certain I am going to take the course I’ve been thinking of taking for a long while and look forward to start teaching as well.

Also, it was not until you mentioned that I consciously realized that I was still carrying frustration and anger with me. Really thanks for the session, it has helped me be very clear and move forward towards the kind of future I really want.


E. Oropeza, Mexico

A VIP Healing Breakthrough Is For Those Who Are Looking To Integrate A Positive & Holistic Healing Approach To Chronic Illness That Embraces & Nourishes The Body, Mind and Spirit

A VIP Healing Breakthrough is not for everyone. It involves healing on a deeper level which requires an open mind and willingness to explore your innermost self and the blocks that obstruct your energy. That’s why it’s important to check below if a VIP healing Breakthrough is for you.

Who it’s not for

A VIP Healing Breakthrough is not for you if you:

  • Want to blame other people and circumstances for your own ill-being and unhappiness
  • Have no interest in creating a loving connection with your authentic self
  • Are not willing to create change within yourself and want to hold onto chronic illness, despite the diificulties this presents in your life. (If so, no hard feelings. There was a time when I wasn’t ready to face chronic illness, and it took me a while before I realised it was the only way to experience deep healing and create more joy & well-being in my life)

Who it’s for

A VIP Healing Breakthrough is for you if:

  • You want to relieve fear, anger, frustration and depression
  • You want to feel stronger and more confident about yourself
  • You want to experience less struggle and more ease
  • You want to experience more inner peace and joy
  • You want to heal personal trauma from deep within your body
  • You want to be clear about the choices or changes that are best for you to successfully support your own well-being
  • You want to feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for yourself and your body
  • You want to receive dedicated personal guidance and support from someone who truly understands you
  • You are ready to release blocks and fears that no longer serve you and experience deep healing

"Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your reading [for my husband]. There is so much I could say, but.. I will say that your energy read around [the issue] was spot on.

I think you will be shocked and thrilled to hear how you read that perfectly. It was like you knew the story which you don’t.

He was holding on to something in the past, and I have known and felt that for a long time. He got it when you shared it in a way he can’t hear from me. Thank you.

L. Nicklas, Liz Nicklas Coaching, USA,

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Because a VIP Healing Breakthrough is very intensive and requires a lot of energy, I only do a limited amount of VIP Healing Breakthroughs.

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