Perfect Authentic Me


From Chronic Illness To Joy & Well-Being

  • Are you a woman living with chronic illness and are you tired of the physical and emotional “chronic illness roller coaster”?
  • Are you struggling and feeling overwhelmed, stuck, sad or depressed?
  • Would you like to be able to deal with chronic illness effectively and experience more ease, joy, fulfillment and well-being your life?

Learn how you can create a fulfilled life from a place of (self)love, compassion and connection with your essence.

  • relieve fear, worry, depression and stress
  • let go of shame, guilt, resentment or (self)blame
  • release (emotional) trauma
  • feel more valuable and self-confident
  • experience more ease and joy
  • find (new) meaning and purpose in your life
  • love and embrace your true self
  • experience deep (inner) healing

"from chronic illness to deep healing and well-being for body, mind & spirit."

What people say

This reading is indeed my truth Nicole and I thank you for presenting it to me in a gentle and loving way. You have a wonderful talent and have already changed my life. Thank you.
Karl Harvey
So much Clarity and wisdom in the way you speak. Your words directed me back to my inner voice. Many thanks and blessings to you.
Brittany B.
Dear Nicole, I’m just feeling better about myself overall. The word that’s coming up is more “valuable”. I’m kinder and nicer to myself.. I’m really grateful to you and want to thank you. Your work is a gift to the world.
Laura Deter
I stopped looking for answers on the internet as they were all so negative. I asked the universe for direction and I came upon your site. Thank you so much. What you say is exactly what I needed to hear.. Please keep on sharing your wisdom. I so needed to finally find this truth..

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